EE Expo 2015

Explore exclusive internship and UROP opportunities in electrical engineering for freshmen and sophomores

Hosted by MIT Department of EECS and MIT IEEE/ACM's Voltage

After the Expo

Thank you to everyone who attended the first ever EE Expo!

  1. Students, please remember to fill out the status follow-up form to let us know if you have been matched with an internship/research opportunity.

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  2. On the website you will find UROP Listings PDF and select company listings. The password was emailed to all attendees. Many professors are also offering additional projects. Please contact UROP professors directly.

    Opportunity Listings»

  3. The companies want you to apply online at their respective websites directly. Most companies are willing to create a project role around your interests/expertise. Mention in your application that you found the opportunity through the EE Expo AND update the status form for special consideration. The list of companies participating is available in the Opportunity Listings.

    Opportunity Listings»

  4. Department Head Professor Anantha Chandrakasan is holding special office hours to help EE Expo Students find internships. This is a very exclusive opportunity that we urge you to take advantage of. Bring your resume, application materials, and list of opportunities you are interested in. Fill out this doodle poll to claim office hour slots with Professor Chandrakasan. Please sign up only if you are committed to attending.
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About the Expo

Organized by MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and MIT IEEE/ACM Voltage, the first ever annual Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Expo will bring together students, faculty, and industry members to explore the breadth of electrical engineering and highlight hands-on opportunities for students to get involved.
We expect 17 companies, 40 faculty members, and over 80 internships and research positions exclusively for freshmen/sophomores for Summer 2016.


The Expo is split up into three parts: faculty presentations, company presentations, and a networking fair. The presentations will expose students to the different research areas and industries related to EE. The networking fair will provide a chance for students to speak with faculty and companies about positions next summer.

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Where and When?

The Expo will be held on Friday, October 16, 2015 from 3 to 7 pm on the MIT campus in the RLE Allen & Haus Rooms (36-462) and Grier Room (34-401).

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Register for the event in advance. We will then notify you with a confirmation email guaranteeing your spot. Only registered students will be allowed at the event to interact with faculty, companies, and apply for the exclusive research and industry internships. Space is limited! So be sure to sign up soon!

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EE Expo: October 16th
Time Event Location Description
2:30 pm Check In RLE Allen & Haus Rooms (36-462) Check in outside of the RLE rooms to pick up your nametag.
3-4 pm EECS Faculty Presentations RLE Allen & Haus Rooms (36-462) Hear about the current exciting research happening in EE here at MIT.
Learn how you can join these faculty and make a difference this summer.
4-5 pm Company Presentations RLE Allen & Haus Rooms (36-462) Learn about various companies and how you can apply your EE knowledge.
Resprentatives will tell about their open internship positions and how to apply.
5-7 pm Networking Fair Grier Room (34-401) Mini-career fair featuring 17 companies and 36+ internships exclusively for freshmen/sophomores. Additional positions available for juniors/seniors. Bring your resume. Refreshments will be provided.

Some Important Things to Know:

UROP Listings

To view the UROP listings, confirmed attendees can use the password they have been given. UROP opportunities are listed here:

UROP Listings»


Companies attending the EE Expo are:

Analog Devices
Draper Lab
Lincoln Laboratory
Linear Technology
Lockheed Martin
Maxim Integrated
Texas Instruments
Vanu Inc.

About the Organizers

MIT Department of EECS. More information here.

Any questions? Email us at

Voltage is the electrical engineering subcommittee of MIT's IEEE/ACM chapter. We are a group of undergraduates working to create a stronger, more cohesive MIT undergraduate EE community by organizing events that allow students, faculty, alumni, and industry members to interact. Some events we have held in the past are the Research Expo, Alumni Dinner, and study breaks. See our MIT News article here.